Hi-Ject is "The Epi-Pen of Cannabis

Oracle Wellness Co Releases Innovative Way To Take Control of Your Cannabis Experience.

The purpose of Cannabis consumption for most people is to provide a stimulating experience, or to relieve stress. However, some may find that when they overconsume, the opposite is true of their experience; the stress and anxiety caused by overconsumption can be overwhelming. Today, Oracle Wellness Co. introduces a new way to control your cannabis experience and provide an effective solution to the side effects of cannabis overconsumption: Hi-Ject.

The name of the product brings to mind a well-known safety feature in fighter jets: an ejection seat. The motto: “Eject your high” confirms the connection. Hi-Ject provides a quick exit from the symptoms of cannabis consumption and over-consumption. With its patent pending formulation of Hemp-derived CBD, proprietary terpenes, and MCT coconut oil, the easily-delivered oral spray enters into the bloodstream directly through the mouth, and begins working to aid you in feeling less high, less anxious, and more in control of your elevation.

Cannabinoid intoxication has become a widespread health issue in the United States, with visits to the emergency room for acute cannabis intoxication rising dramatically as states across the nation legalize recreational use. One majo