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Megon Dee is a cannabinoid-based chef, doula, educator, innovator, and founder of Oracle Wellness Co. in 2018, a plant-based wellness solutions brand, for a higher quality of life.

After the self-expungement of 6 cannabis-related charges in Delaware, she relocated to Portland, OR. in 2016 from Baltimore, MD. to navigate the developing legal cannabis industry with her culinary skills.

This is her story.

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My Story

          Oracle Wellness Co. was birthed out of pure love and intention. In my work, I am seeking answers, a connection, an honest meaning in my purpose. My grandmother — my mother’s mom — harvested and processed tobacco in her 20’s — 30’s in Maryland (Eastern Shore). My great-grandmother picked cotton, was an excellent baker, bore eleven children, and raised them on a farm. It is a mere parallel to my chosen career path, landing me to also work with medicinal plants by way of the kitchen.

Cooking with cannabis for me is an act of reclaiming the traditions of medicinal cooking that generations before me had already established. A sacred tradition that I imagine my ancestors before me practiced and mastered to care for themselves and many others when sickness and pain came about. We didn't have access to healthcare in hospitals, but we did have access to the herbs and plants growing in our yards, provided by our ancestors. I found my ancestors in plants. Cannabis has literally survived through centuries of existence. Our ancestors are in the plants, providing full circle healing through the energy of spirit. It was with the intention that this plant and all medicinal plants and herbs are still here for us. These are our bread crumbs of survival and healing. 

In relocating to Oregon for cannabis in 2016, what started as hope soon became a real manifesto of power. I’ve found my purpose in giving people their power back by reclaiming the human experience through food, cannabis, and cannabis as medicine. I merely tapped into my lineage of healers and my purpose as a conduit to helping others heal with medicinal plants. How beautifully & divinely aligned this experience has been. 


Being an advocate for a plant medicine like cannabis being re-normalized in laboring, birthing, and motherhood has been an honor. Intentional integration of cannabinoids and terpenoids into parenting was my choice tool to reclaim my human experience, and I share this with others. This is the liberation of motherhood and a radical testimony to plant medicine.

Gratitude to you for being a part of my journey.


-Megon C. Dee



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

P.O. Box 6402

Portland, OR. 97228

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