Affirmations generally work as a tool for shifting your mindset and achieving your deepest desires. Empowerment through words starts with the easy action of giving gratitude. Gratitude will take you far in life.

Giving myself permission to choose myself first was the next step. Breaking myself first to avoid self-sabotaging thoughts or behaviors so that, that vibration would not continue to thrive. This taught me respect for myself which meant that I couldn't accept anything else outside of respect.

Speaking life into your desires, treating them as if they are already in existence is the power of words when used correctly. It’s hard to balance low and high vibrational frequencies simultaneously. You must choose one or the other. Words are sound, which is a vibrational frequency of energy.

What frequency are you on?

Learning to affirm myself while fighting to maintain the parallel relationships outside of myself proved to be trivial. I’d fall into catering to other’s needs like a child always seeking approval. Doing the work to be intentional about honoring my time and space for processing my emotions was the ultimate gift to myself. Relying heavily on the healthy default actions, allowed me to recognize when I was moving into an undesirable frequency. I learned to mother myself by being gentle and patient with my process.

Dedicated to immersing myself into this high frequency, I laced all parts of my life creating a fail proof ritual. Some of my high vibrational default actions include:





Medicinal Herbs




Drinking my water

Veneration of the An