Formulated for night time use, this quintessential sedative medicinal tincture promotes restful sleep while diffusing stress, anxiety, and a short-term treatment of insomnia. Relax the nervous system and ease tension through out the body. This also aids in decreasing anxiety, depression, full body pain and migraines. Boost your wellness routine in a fast-acting, discreet and sweet formula that you can put into hot or cold beverages for easy consumption. Infused with the terpenes Linalool & Myrcene which aids in reducing inflammation while providing relaxation naturally. Awaken refreshed. Will store for up to year in refrigerator but is not necessary. Our chef formulated tincutures are vegan, organic and environmentally mindful.


Shake well. Hydrate well after consumption.




Tincture Formula 004 SEDATE

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  • Directions:
    ADMINISTER under the tongue, sublingually. 

    Contains aprox. 60 servings per bottle. CBD content 1000 mg per bottle. store in temperatures below 220°F for best results. The operation of a vehicle or heavy machinery is not advised while using this product.