Labor & Birthing with OWCo. CBD products

Updated: Jan 8

Intentional integration of cannabinoids and terpenoids into birth related pain management to reclaim my human experience. This is liberation of motherhood and a radical testimony to plant medicine. Meet my daughter, baby Rayne.

Feb. 28th, 2019

I’m officially a little over 1 month postpartum. My life has literally been shaken up over the past few weeks with changes in my everyday rituals while balancing with a newborns needs. Functioning in a state of delirium from sleep deprivation has become very familiar, but no one ever said that growth and change would be comfortable. It’s in those moments of being uncomfortable in which we learn the most. It’s partly why I decided to put my physical limits to the test by incorporating my hemp-derived CBD tincture into the laboring and birthing of baby Rayne. It was my choice of pain management during the labor, giving me permission to reclaim my human experience of giving life without intrusive medical procedures or stigma associated with alternative plant medicines. I've heard so many horror stories from mothers who had hospital births that ranged from epidurals leaving long term damage to unnecessary C-section surgeries.

After the discussion of my intentions with my partner, I chose to have an at home water-birth with midwives from Portland's @almamidwifery while intentionally incorporating CBD (Cannabidiol) into the birthing and laboring process. I was not interested in facing scrutiny from Child Protective Services infringing on what was supposed to be a happy and joyous time in my life. Most hospitals would not allow for this medicinal interference. My main concern was what happens if I am tested and my toxicology report comes back positive for THC? I will not allow for my children to be stolen from me over a plant.

Focus. Breathe. Believe. ...While laboring, I was in a deep trans, a meditative state of mind, these words remained on the forefront of my psyche during labor. Enduring 6 hours in of unforgivable contractions without medication, I decided to dose myself with my Oracle Wellness Co. CBD tincture at 35 mg to start. Using hemp-derived CBD during this pregnancy was not a foreign concept to me. I previously had used this medicine as a natural and safe pain management alternative to subside my pregnancy related symptoms during the months prior using both full spectrum cannabinoids and CBD isolation. I discovered my Oracle Wellness Co. CBD tincture aided in my migraines subsiding in a matter of 15 mins. I went from tears of pain to clarity and being able to function enough to make dinner for my family. The goal was to enjoy my pregnancy and not be miserable throughout the experience.